4 Tips to Use Your Hot Water Geyser Correctly and Reduce the Sky High Electricity Bill

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Owing to the high demand for geysers, one can now conveniently buy the best geyser online without facing much hassle. Even though geysers have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury these days, many people often back off from installing a geyser in worry about the extra units added to the electricity bill.

Moreover, the high consumption of geysers shoots up our electricity bill to a greater extent during winter. If you are also worried about the same issue, then following certain simple steps of using your geyser smartly will ensure that you save those extra bucks on your electricity bill. Let us look at the 4 tips to use the geyser correctly and reduce the high electricity bill. 

Tips to smartly use the geyser and save on the electricity bill 

Avoid keeping your geyser on for a longer duration 

Many often tend to keep their geysers on for a longer duration even while not in use. And this is one of the biggest mistakes that one must avoid to avoid a high electricity bill. After getting heated, the temperature of the water starts decreasing due to non-usage, which again leads to restarting of the geyser due to the thermostat heating the stored water.

This on-off process of the geyser continues until the main power is kept on, leading to a huge amount of electricity consumption. Therefore you must ensure that you switch off the main supply of water geyser 25 ltr when not in use. 

Go for star rated geysers 

If you wish to prevent your electricity bill from skyrocketing after installing a geyser, it is always advisable to go for star-rated geysers. You will get a plethora of best geysers online that come with numerous start ratings that ensure a reduction in your electricity bill. It is always wise to install a 5-star rated geyser that will significantly reduce your electricity bill to a great extent. 

Consider prioritizing the thermostat setting of your geyser 

All the water geysers are equipped with a thermostat that helps to keep the stored water temperature at the preferred level. This thermostat cuts off the power supply of the geyser after the water reaches the preferred temperature.

It is imperative to mention here that water geysers come with a 60 degree or higher default thermostat setting. If your water geyser 25 ltr features an outside thermostat, you need to change it to 40 or 45 degrees from 60 degrees that will prove to be beneficial in reducing your electricity bill.

Opt for the right-sized geyser 

Another useful tip to smartly use your geyser to prevent a high electricity bill is to opt for the right sized geyser. Ensure that you always choose the best geyser online as per your budget and requirement. A bigger geyser will only overheat the water and add to your electricity bill. Therefore ensure that you get the right-sized geyser while buying one. 

The tips mentioned above will enable you to save on your electricity bill after buying the best geyser online. These tips will ensure that your electricity bill does not burden you, from getting the right sized geyser to opting for a high-rated one. 

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