3 yoga asanas to increase lung capacity and strength to fight with against coronavirus

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Today we’re talking about these 3 yoga asanas to increase your lung capacity and strength to fight with against coronavirus. By the way, every kind of exercise is useful in protecting against corona, because by exercising, the body sweats, which removes the dirt of the body. Apart from this, the body also removes excess fat, which gives strength to our body and increases immunity.

According to health experts, the Carona virus has the greatest effect on the patient’s lung, which causes difficulty in breathing. In such a situation, yoga guru Sankalp shakti is telling you some asanas that will increase the function of your lungs, so that you will be fully prepared to fight the coronavirus.



By doing Ustrasana, the lungs get maximum oxygen. Do not do this asana if you have any kind of knee problem. To do this posture-


First of all sit in Vajrasana. Then lift your buttocks up from the ankles

Gap one to 2 inches in your knees, while inhaling, slowly move your hands backward one by one and try to hold your ankles.

With this, spread your neck backward and your stomach and chest forward outward and leave the breath going backward.

Keep your eyes open and stop for as long as you can.

Then first bring the neck up and bring the hands up one by one and come to the former position i.e. sit in Vajrasana.

Then do Shashank posture in which both the toes meet and open your knees completely and tilt your body forward.

Put both your arms on the floor or on the mat, chin (chin), or forehead while keeping the spine straight.



For this posture, lie on the mat upside down and your chin (Chin) should be on the mat and both the legs meet and stay straight.

Now bend your legs from knees to your buttocks and try to hold the ankle of the feet with your hands.

Then inhale with both your legs pulled out, doing so will lift your neck and chest completely.

At most, move your legs upwards, here your entire balance is on your stomach, both your arms are absolutely straight, the neck should be upwards.

Now slowly come down and come back to the previous position.

To reduce the extra load lying on your spine, after this asana you must do Pawanmuktasan.

Do this asana 10 to 15 times and try to prevent maximum breathing in the lungs.


To do Bhujangasana lie down on your mat.

Mix your ankles and feet, now bring both your palms equal to your shoulders and place them on the mat.

Now gently lift your shoulders and neck upward while inhaling while putting weight on your hands.

Hold your breath as much as you can while looking at the neck of the sky.

Then while exhaling, come down slowly, do this 10 to 20 times and try to stay as much as possible.

(Based on a conversation with the founder of GoodWays Fitness and yoga guru Sankalp Shakti)


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