3 Main Social Networks

3 Main Social Networks 

Social networks have become an essential tool for any business to show that it is up to date with innovations. Why should your optician be on social networks? The answer is simple: your customers are here.

In this article we propose to introduce you to some of the social networks that we consider most useful to promote your Optics, quickly and cheaply.

Facebook on Social Network

Facebook is the social network par excellence. Only in Spain there are about 17 million users, who spent a total of 4,690 million minutes connected to this network,only in the month of May.To take full advantage of this tool, the first thing is to create a Page (not a profile). Facebook created the pages to make it easier for companies to contact their followers, eliminating the fan limit, which does exist in the profile, and allowing users to voluntarily join the company page (which increases the contact quality).

For opticians, Facebook becomes a showcase through which they can communicate what’s new in their store . One of the most attractive possibilities of Facebook to get more followers of the page is the use of specific promotions for Facebook . These promotions consist of offering benefits (discounts, gifts, free reviews, raffles…) only accessible to fans of your page. To increase the visibility of the promotion, it can be required as a requirement that the fan share the information through his profile. In any case, what is offered must be as striking as possible so that the user is encouraged to participate.

Foursquare on Social Network

Foursquare is a social tool based on mobile devices that have geolocation (GPS). Users create a network of trusted contacts with whom they share their location and opinions of the different places they visit. However, at the same time it is a game based on reiteration. The more frequent a certain place, the higher the rank you have, which creates a competition to reach different levels. Therefore, Foursquare serves to share information and opinion in real time about physical places . When someone comes to your Optics and checks in on their mobile, they are telling their contacts where they are and what they say about your Optics will be read by their friends when they pass by the same place.

But why use this tool on social network? 

One of the reasons is that this social network already has more than 1 million users and is growing by 15,000 new users a day . The profile of the Spaniard who uses it is male, 32 years old on average, busy, who lives in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants and who likes new technologies , therefore a very attractive audience.

Foursquare offers new promotion techniques to reward customers who come to your Optician , increasing their loyalty, a very important factor in these times when competition is increasingly high.

Many other Opticians are already geolocated on Foursquare, so you shouldn’t be left behind and start getting to know them. The first thing to do is register. Then, search for your store (sometimes the users themselves register the business) and claim it as yours if it exists. 

Google + Local on Social Network

Today, everyone knows the potential of the Google search engine. One of the functions that Google performs is to locate the address of businesses and display them through its Google Maps tool. To locate your business on the Google Map you can use Google Place, a space where you can share information and images with users.

With the introduction of its new social network Google+, a new opportunity appears to tell Internet users where your Optician is. The merger of Google Place within Google+ results in Google+ Local, a tool through which to find out the opinions of customers about the Optics. You just have to claim that you are the administrator of the business, add a brief description and some photos. Users will be able to upload photos and comments about the place, thus increasing confidence in the Optician.

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